About Me

I am a published author, professional writer and freelance creative.  I am a born creative and although being able to apply my skills in various creative crafts, I developed a deep passion and love for writing.  Creative writing is an extension of feelings and imagination and reading nourishes the mind.  Writing is a powerful tool that transcends thoughts and feelings to the outer world.  Writers are able to capture audiences and take them on journeys that extends far past reality.  

I grew up in the 80s and developed a fondness of the eras free-spirited thinking, it was a time of glamour and exploration of person and personality.  I was born and raised in South Africa but as a child I was either oblivious to shielded from the political instability of the period.  I spent most of my childhood free to explore with friends and used every opportunity to develop my love for the creative arts.  As a child I won competition for my artistic skills and spent most of my free-time with a pencil in my hand.  In high school I developed a love for writing and poetry.  I seldom shared my feelings and used writing as an escape.  My love for writing grew and I wrote short stories and poetry to capture a sense of myself and my vivid imagination.  

I have two post graduate degrees in the field of humanities and my heart is nestled neatly between the two psychology and communications.  I also have a PMD from the Gordon Institute of Business Science and an international leadership coaching certificate from the University of Berkeley’s Business School of Haas.

 After spending twenty years in corporate communications, I broke free from the chains of business to live more freely in the field that I am so passionate about.  As a freelancer I now provide writing, editing and creative skills to clients all over the world.  It feels magical to help clients free their thoughts and I’d love to help you too.