Marked is a psychotic crime thriller due for release in 2020.  Jess has an aspiring career and as she lands her dream job she is taken.  Two years after her disappearance she emerges, confused and broken.  Detective Grey helps her piece her life together and she is the one person who can help find Johnny Blackmore, kingpin to the Fletchers crime syndicate. 

After her divorce Carrey starts her life on a clean slate. She lands a new job and moves to the next town. Little did she know that the innocence of her new life would turn into a nightmare. Carrey is convinced she is being followed, the clues are subtle but they are there. With no friends or family close by, can she trust anyone. Where can she find help when everyone is a suspect?

They didn’t come every night, but when they did she froze in fear. Unable to move, or speak or call for help, her visitors paralysed her. Jess didn’t know what they wanted or why they chose her. She tried to cast them away, the paranormal books she read taught her how. Fifteen years after they first started she realised why they started. It was him, Jamie. He brought them into her life when he stole her innocence.

The day I turned is the story of becoming woke to the realities of living a conspired life.  After living an average life for almost 40 years, one google search led to a series of investigations that made me question everything I had been taught and how I had lived my life.  One documentary turned me vegan and another turned me into an angry vegan.  This book is the story of how I came to accept the world around me witnessing the extent of commercial conspiracy and how it had influenced my life.  The Day I Turned is available on pre-order for release in 2020.  

The story of how Fox and Llama developed a curious friendship

Fox lives in Keegan Forest and takes care of the Keegan Forest family.  Fox knows everyone and everything, but one summer morning a stranger appears.  No one knows who the stranger is or when the stranger arrived.  Fox being Fox, must get to the bottom of the situation, when a curious friendship forms.  

Owl helps Llama remember what happened and how he ended up at Keegan Forest.  Llama takes time to ponder the past wondering if life will be different with the Keegan Forest Family.  Fox is happy that he has Llama as a friend and Owl shares her wisdom to help Llama.  Book 2 is the story of how bad things can happen to good people, and that the best of friendships often come when you least expect it.