Writing Services

Writing, ghostwriting and novelist services are charged at ZAR550 per hour for clients based in South Africa and USD25 per hour for my international clients.   When estimating a budget for writing services estimate that a 200 page book will take 150 hours on average depending on how long the interview process is and how much research is necessary.  A 200 page book is estimated at around 50 000 – 60 000 words which is dependent on the type of content.  Fiction and non-fiction books are structured differently.  The completed project will present you with your very own manuscript.  The first 40 hours of work is billed upfront to cover the cost of research, interviewing and transcription.  Thereafter, you will receive an invoice for every 20 hours of completed work, with the final 10% of the budget due on delivery of the final manuscript.  You will receive regular updates and have access to all the draft and pre-manuscript files via a shared dropbox folder.  

Copy Editing

Copy editing (Substantive Editing) is charged at ZAR0.50 per word which includes, error checking, text flow, direction and logical cohesion.  An editing style sheet is developed together with all clients prior to edit to ensure consistency and confirmation of terms, acronyms and abbreviations.  The style sheet is signed off before proceeding with editing works.  Copy editing includes the editing of documents that have been translated to English and need to be evaluated for messaging coherence and language proficiency. 


Proofreading (line editing) is charged at ZAR0.20 per word and is the final step in the process to check for spelling, minor grammar and consistency errors prior to publication.  Proofreading is the publishing process after copy editing has been completed. 

Design and Publicity Services

Design, publication and publicity services are charged at ZAR550 per hour or USD25 per hour for international clients.  All design, publication and publicity services are quoted per project and attract a 50% upfront payment with final payment due on completion.  Depending on the length of the assignment some projects may require intermittent payments.  

Please use the above rates as a guide to estimating a budget.  All services will be quoted for client approval and sign off before proceeding with any work.  Clients can make payments via EFT, wire transfer or PayPal.  All services attract an up front deposit payment, with or without intermittent payments depending on the length of the project.